Search Marketing Optimized with Focused Clusters of Content

Building a solid information architecture is incredibly important for ranking well in organic search across a broad topic area. Creating hyper-focused clusters of content geared around a specific topic will not only help solve for that, but it’ll enable you to keep focused on creating content that your buyer persona actually cares about.

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Kevin Barraco
Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for 2017?

An Insight on digital marketing and reaching your audience.

The number one fact is that the mobile world is here. Don’t bother to read further if you are not already optimized for mobile such as a responsive website or if don’t have a plan to update very soon. Studies earlier this year state that sixty five percent of time spent consuming content is on a mobile device and that number is increasing fast. 

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Video Content Marketing Statistics

Here are some recent statistics for video content marketing in 2016

Today, video is the leading content across the internet and social media channels. For small business brands, its essential to include video content into your marketing strategy. No matter what you are selling and no matter what services you provide, video content will gain an increased online presence for your business. 

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