Overview of Services

Content Production

Video  |  Photography  |  DRone Cinematograghy

Your brand has a lot to say, and we’re here to help you tell that story. Our professional content services are produced according to your company needs. We can film short videos that are launched across all your online channels, and capture new photography for your website or marketing content. We create clean, simple designs and focus on the content messaging to deliver results for your marketing campaigns.

Too often, content marketing success is equated with views rather than with actions taken after the views. We include methods that engages viewers to take the next step in your conversion funnel to drive better leads and more transactions.

Marketing Consulting 

Smart Media will review your current online marketing and give you a competitive analysis. We will then establish overall goals for your content campaigns, developing each one with a purpose aligned to your business objectives.

Are you trying to connect with your target audience? Launch a new product and generate leads, or introducing yourself to your audience? Our strategy will develop rich content to help your company grow, engage with your audience and drive more conversions.  

Today, video marketing is one of the most powerful tools businesses use to get their messages to audiences in fun, inspirational, and entertaining ways. This drives brand awareness and helps viewers forge a positive, memorable association with your company and what it stands for.

Email Marketing  

Email marketing is an essential tool for re-marketing back to your current customers and capturing new customers. The inbox is still an effective way to communicate your services and business to an audience. Smart Media can create a new email marketing strategy and build your email lists with email marketing automation or manage your current lists for more effective marketing campaigns. 

We use popular email platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact to launch custom designed email messages promoting your business.  

Real Estate Marketing

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Web Presence

Your website is the core to your online presence so it's important not only to have a great design, but a functional website that works to sell your business and services. This includes rich page content and also provides the best lead capture integration and search optimization. Applying consistent new content will increase your SEO and we know that effective video content drives your rankings on search engines. 

We learn what your business needs for a great web presence and we build a custom website that will be the backbone to your online marketing strategy. Our website creation provides a  responsive design focused for the best experience on all mobile devices and displays. Our low host cost and management fees allow individuals to small businesses obtain an effective website that works for you. 

Social Media Strategy

A successful content marketing strategy revolves around social media. Your social media goals may vary from increasing traffic to your site, to getting signups for your email newsletter, to growing sales figures—or simply increasing brand recall and product awareness. We develop a social media plan for publishing your content to your target audience. Pushing post to influencers, subscribers, fans, and followers, Smart Media can manage your social media accounts and increase your social visibility. This will build your community engagement, boost your SEO and drive your web presence for more conversions. 

Its very important to have a Facebook business page for your small business. Smart Media provides insight for Facebook marketing and helps you maintain a healthy Facebook page. Here are six reasons to create a Facebook page for your small business today.

Smart Advertising

Our content campaigns will grow your visibility on search engines and Smart Media provides strategies for local SEO and paid campaigns. We can manage cost effective social media advertising, and local Google search advertising, (PPC) Pay Per Click. Backed by intelligent reporting and analytics, you get the best insights to measure the results.  

Paid marketing campaigns will increase your reach and exposure to new costumers. There are many options to utilize online channels for advertising and Smart Media will provide a strategy best fit for your business and budget.