Professional Aerial Video & Photography

Video services in the Greater New Orleans area and also available along the Gulf Coast

Smart Media provides aerial photography, and aerial cinematography to offer dynamic solutions that can be individually tailored to your content.  Kevin Barraco, is a certified UAS pilot, operating with an FAA Part 107 commercial license. Safety and transparency is our top priority. Insurance is provided per project by Verifly.

  • Commercial Productions
  • Industrial / Agricultural Photography
  • Promotional Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Festivals
  • Property Tours
  • Real Estate


We operate with DJI Phantoms. These popular quad drones have the least amount of set up time and can grab photos and video from the air, changing the camera settings in real time. We shoot full HD 1080p up to 4k video and deliver footage in your desired format. 


Safety is our paramount concern.  We will not fly over dense crowds or in inclement weather (precipitation, high winds, etc) and we use a visual observer to provide an additional level of on-site safety. We operate with experience and can fly in a variety of locations.  


The UAS must remain within the Pilot in Command's line of sight at all times, and our height ceiling is 400 feet. 

Our copters are equipped with a failsafe system so that if loses communication with the transmitter, it will automatically return to the takeoff location. We maintain a visual of the drone at all times and fly accordingly, depending on visibility.


Each battery lasts approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the flight maneuvers and temperature. Swapping out a battery only takes 2 minutes and we always bring multiple batteries to each shoot and recharge during flights as long as there is an outlet nearby.


IMPORTANT: New rules and regulations are coming out regularly so be sure to ask us about the most current drone laws. 

As a certified commercial pilot, we are knowledgeable about our flight procedures  and maintain regulations and flight restrictions around all airports or restricted areas.

That being said, there is a process through the FAA where one can obtain a Certificate of Authorization. These are processed within 60 days. If you have a project located in a no-fly zone, reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can submit a petition to fly.