How to Create Compelling Content in 2017

How to Create Compelling Content (or, Why the Silent Movie Is Back)

Video Content is trending stronger than ever. This is why Smart Media LLC creates professional produced video content for all of our clients, delivering the best inbound marketing strategy.

Hubspot listed a few best practices for your inbound marketing plans in 2017:

In short: Reading is out, watching is in. Ten years ago, the power content marketing move was search + written content. Now, it’s social media + video content.

And these aren’t the hyper-produced, long-form videos from years past. The marketing teams winning the video game today are mastering live, off-the-cuff video. Additionally, Charlie Chaplin would likely raise an eyebrow to learn we’ve tƒurned away from talkies: A full 85% of videos today are watched without audio.

Increases in mobile usage have fueled much of this growth in video popularity. For content marketers, the takeaway here is simple. While text is still important, you may want to stop looking for that next blogger, and start looking for a video producer. At least 50% or more of your marketing content next year should be in video format, either hosted natively on social or created with social distribution in mind.

The other thing to know about content consumption is much of it is now happening away from the bounds of your website on social media. Social media has evolved from a promotion channel alone to a platform for content. Buyers aren’t just stopping by social media sites during work breaks anymore -- they never leave.

Facebook in particular has started to dominate how we spend our free time. Four of the apps consumers use; Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp -- are owned by Facebook. Today’s buyers are plugged into Mark Zuckerberg’s universe all day long. If you’re not meeting them there, you risk losing them.

Advice For Marketers in 2017 and Beyond

Here are the four things I think every marketer should do next year:

  1. Invest in video. Diversify your content playbook to include social + video in addition to text + search.
  2. Live in social. We’re not B2B or B2C marketers -- we’re business to human marketers. Humans live in Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, and a host of other social apps. Find them there.
  3. Accelerate your content. Combine content marketing and paid marketing. Repurpose your most successful content for multiple channels and boost it with budget.
  4. Automate your buying process. Buyers expect to be able to buy on their timeline with either minimal or no human contact.

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Kevin Barraco