Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for 2017?

An Insight on digital marketing and reaching your audience.

The number one fact is that the mobile world is here. Don’t bother to read further if you are not already optimized for mobile such as a responsive website or if don’t have a plan to update very soon. Studies earlier this year state that sixty five percent of time spent consuming content is on a mobile device and that number is increasing fast. 

In today’s online marketing environment it’s recommended to focus on building your organicreach using content (inbound) marketing, and social media for long-term, sustainable success. 

When it comes to creating content that produces enough traffic and leads, marketers should ask themselves two questions: Are you truly creating high-quality content -- the type of content people would pay for? And, do you know the type of content your audience actually wants?

(HubSpot Research has found that 43% of consumers want to see more video content from marketers in the future, while only 29% want to see more blog posts.) 


Reaching your audience

Recently Google Analytics announced it is moving towards“more insights, less data and that is powerful for marketers and business owners.

The change is already live in the Google Analytics app for iOS and Android, where, in the Assistant screen, you now see automatically generated insights. This is information that Google Analytics was already tracking, but now it’s being surfaced in an quick-to-read card format. 

An effective digital marketing strategy combined with the right tools and technologies allows you to trace all of your sales back to a customer’s first digital touchpoint with your business. Don’t under estimate the power of web analytics, connecting the dots between marketing and sales is hugely important. You need to know how many people are visiting your websites and what they do when they get there. However, digital marketing analytics matters more than web analytics. This gives us (the marketers) what we need to understand how our work makes an impact throughout the entire marketing and sales funnel.

Digital marketing analytics includes data not only from your website, but also from other sources like email, social media, and online PR. Customers have more power over ads than marketers do. This is why we need to feed the consumer with relevant quality content to get them engaged and keep them infant of your brand.

Marketers should not focus heavily on SEO and writing for bots, that time is over. It’s now most important to optimize your page for the user experience, create the content for the user. 

“In the past, SEO was all about manipulating data and keywords to gain search engine rankings. However, Google’s Quality Rating Guide reveals to us that modern SEO is all about adding quality rather than quantity. We need to shift our entire content marketing strategy to be about the user, creating engaging content that compels our audience to take action.”

(Paul Furiga

Start with a strategy. What are your goals, who is your audience and where is your audience. We now have to discover first how to amplify our content before we create it, so we know what type of content to create for that channel, and specific audience. Content is king, only if it’s seen, heard and read by many.  

So What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. 

Social Media and video social media is becoming the king of all content consumed. If your strategy is not in this space, you are losing out.   Read more at

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