Remarketing - Maximize Your Facebook Advertising 


Remarketing or Retargeting shows your custom ads to users who have already engaged with your brand online.

Facebook has the highest market share with more than 2 billion monthly active users. This extremely high number of users means Facebook is the holy grail of remarketing platforms. 

Remarketing allows you to target:

  1. Visitors from your website, and specific visitors that did not convert to a sale, or complete an action.

  2. Visitors on Facebook, those who engaged with your Facebook page or specific Facebook post.

This strategy helps you get in front of your audience after they move on, leaving your website or Facebook page. Your website might be attracting lots of traffic, but the fact is, the average conversion rate for first-time visitors is just 2%. What does this mean? Although you’re getting the traffic, you’re not getting the sales.

Creating a custom audience profile and retargeting your Facebook page visitors is easy and accessible while building your ad in your Facebook Ad Manager Account. However remarketing visitors from your website on Facebook takes a little more set up and requires a Facebook Pixel to be placed on your website. Here is a brief instruction on how to set that up

At Smart Media, we are Facebook advertising specialists and can help you create and build engaging remarketing campaigns for your business. Contact us if you have questions