Why Your Business Still Needs a Blog

Online marketing has changed in the last few years and many business owners are now focusing all their attention to social media content growth, however, blogs continue to drive readers to your company website. Yes, your brand definitely requires a strong social media presence with video & audio content for your audience, but blogging adds so much more to your content strategy.

Here are several compelling reasons why
your business needs a blog today:

Get Local Organic Rankings

Google has stepped up its services in catering to sites that it “thinks” users want to see when they enter a search query. If you have timely, relevant content that gives your site something your competitors don’t have, this boost your chance of appearing in local searches.

Boost Your SEO 

When it comes to things you do on your website – including blogging – there’s always going to be some impact to your SEO rankings. Adding a company blog, enables you to write posts that rank your site for certain keywords. A blog also helps you to have more content for bots to crawl, and more links to post elsewhere online. Your blog can be a gold mine for climbing the search engine rankings.

Set Yourself Up as An Expert 

When you blog on your business site, you can set yourself up as an expert in your field. Whatever your industry, you can share blog posts with business updates, discussing new trends that impact your customers.

Create New Sales Funnels 

Your blog is yours. That means you can make it into a profitable sales funnel to your various products. Publishing helpful blog posts with well-crafted calls to action can push casual readers to subscribe to your email list, contact you for a service, or even purchase a product if it fits into the theme of your blog.

Fill Your Social Media Calendar 

Are you always looking for new content to post on your social media channels? Blog posts are social media gold when it comes to filling your social media calendar. Not only can you link to posts and drive your social media audience directly to your website, but you can use quotes, pictures, or screenshots from your post to engage your audience on the social media platforms you use.

Repurposed Content

Use your blog as a transcribed recorded of audio podcasts and video content. Let your blog become an important secondary media channel, repurposing engaging multimedia content into written word that will boost your brands organic growth. 

So don’t hesitate, starting producing new blogs consistently on your website today. We recommend you several blogs a month, every month. If you have questions or need help with your content marketing, give us a call and contact Smart Media.