Digital Marketing Trends That Are Changing Our Strategy for 2018

Digital Marketing Trends Thant Are Changing our Strategy for 2018.jpg

Some of the most popular digital marketing trends have reached the end of their shelf life and now is the time to change. 

A few tips to updating your inbound marketing strategies for 2018 - tossing out the overused, under-performing marketing trends to make room for strategies that increase brand awareness, capture qualified leads, and help increase revenue.

What to Change:

1. Drip Campaigns with no personalization is out dated strategy.

Now Trending - Send targeted email promotions with relevant content based on the contacts demographics, online behavior and recent engagement. 

2. Focusing on Quantity instead Quality Blog

The Internet is saturated with content. Now is the time to focus on a particular purpose, such as driving leads to a gated piece of content or a recent campaign. 

3. Organic Facebook Strategy

Facebook’s organic reach is very low and continues to decline. Only 5% of your followers are seeing your post. Now is the time to advertise and boost your post. This will increase reach and insure your message is getting in front of your audience. 

4. Text-Based SEO Strategy is GONE

Today, consumers are all about multimedia. People want videos, images and audio. You can no longer just optimize your website text for SEO. You need to optimize your videos and images for Google search. 

Original Source - HubSpot

Kevin Barraco