Why Publish Your Content on Facebook

There are three big reasons to keep publishing on Facebook:

1) Publishing on Facebook shows leads and potential customers that you’re actively in business. Many people go to Facebook simply to research companies and look for thought leadership -- and if your Facebook page is incomplete and inactive, they may go with a competitor who is more prominent on the platform.

2) It's easier to go viral on Facebook. The number of outliers that we see at every level is substantial -- which means that when you go viral on Facebook, the upside is very, very high. The maximum clicks that a single Facebook Page received during this timeframe was 8K -- and the Page published just five times that week.

The peak number of clicks that a single account on LinkedIn received was about 1K, and the peak on Twitter was just under 7K … but that Twitter account published more than 100 times that week. The lesson here? When you go viral on Facebook, you can go viral more than on other networks.

3) Facebook Ads offer some of the highest ROI of social ads you can buy, especially if you are doing any retargeting. And once you’ve published on Facebook, it's the easiest platform from which to boost posts and get more distribution (and followers).

Which Is the Best Day to Post on Facebook?

days of week on facebook.png

Wait, there’s no median. Actually, that's not a typo. The number of median clicks for all accounts is actually 0 -- because only really good content on Facebook gets surfaced highly. There isn't an ideal day to post on Facebook. However, it’s slightly better to post on Sundays, and there’s a natural dip in post frequency and engagement on Friday and Saturday.

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Blog Source - HubSpot