Short Videos in Square Format

We know consumers love video, but don’t often watch all the way to the end. Research shows that 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. Most of social media content consumed daily is short-formatted videos. We see the necessity of micro-video production for your content marketing strategy. To combat consumer ad avoidance, Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, mentioned an ideal ad length of ads to be 6 seconds. That might seem too fast to carry an engaging visual message, but think about how fast you scroll through your Facebook and Instagram stories consuming video clip after video clip. 


Smart Media believes consistent video content marketing is the direct path to online marketing growth. Short cinematic videos that tell just a piece of your story, published regularly, can impact your business brand. Don’t let your marketing messages get lost in the shuffle, it is the best time to produce something consumers can digest. Short length micro content: tempting, tasty and small, leaving you with a desire for more. 

And in addition, one trend continuing to grow is mobile optimized video formats. Frame your micro cinematic stories to a square for better viewing on Facebook and Instagram. Try creating content designed specifically for a 1:1 screen ratio (a square in other words). So go crush it this year with more video content.

Source: video content trends