What Marketing You Should Be Focusing On


Radio, television spots, billboards, full-page spreads in glossy magazines, and direct mail packages have been replaced by their online counterparts. In fact, companies with a comprehensive strategic vision combined with digital tactics perform 26% better on average.

Even online, though, certain tactics have already become obsolete. Banner ads and email blast campaigns, for example, don’t really cut it anymore. Evolve, or perish. Embrace digital, or be left behind. Diversify your channels, or risk being invisible.

Today, your marketing mix should include social media, SEO, influencers, PPC ads, a mobile-first mentality, segmented and transactional email, remarketing, content marketing, detailed buyer personas, analytics ... and probably about a dozen more components. 

Getting a strategy partner can help guide your online marketing. Smart Media LLC can provide create content with a smart analytic approach leading you to deliver engaging online marketing that is measurable and lead driven. 

Contact us to learn how we at Smart Media LLC can produce and deliver  effective content marketing for your business. 

Kevin Barraco