Holiday Content Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Now is the time to plan and deploy some great content for the holiday season. Don’t get caught up in complex marketing ideas to make your end of year business goals. Here are six simple content marketing ideas that are easy to execute and keep you connected with your audience through the holiday season. Don’t forget video content is the most engaging way to reach your audience so try to use video creative with some of these content ideas.

  1. Create a simple holiday shopping guide. Pick you best sellers or top picks and share with your audience and followers. Give them some gift ideas that can translate into easy sales and conversions. Consumers are in the buying mood during the holiday season and most of them don’t actually know what they are looking for, so you need to provide them with ideas.

  2. Use Holiday themes in your content. Don’t be afraid to be creative and show your holiday spirit. Share photos and stories highlighting your holiday traditions.

  3. Don’t forget about your email list. Email is still one of the most effective marketing tactics because your subscribers are a captive audience. They’ve letting you know that they’re interested in what you have to say and sell. Wish them a happy holiday season and showcase your products and services, especially if you have specials to offer.

  4. Recap your year and bundle some of your best content. Highlighting your most popular blog posts of the year is a great way to give your audience a nice recap of the great content you’ve created, as well as send a little extra readership to those posts.

  5. Provide insights for the coming year and sneak peeks. In addition to being a time of reflection, the holiday season also has us looking toward the future. Give your audience a little sneak peek of what your company has in store for the coming year and beyond.

  6. Thank your Customers. A little customer appreciation can go a long way. After all, your company wouldn’t be where it is without your customers. Show your appreciation and give sales a little boost by presenting your customers with an exclusive discount or offer.

    Remember to push out content on a planned regular schedule and now is the time to use promoted posts and buy advertising on social media. Using these content ideas above with paid posts on social media can drastically increase your reach and results.

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Kevin Barraco